About The TAble


The Living Table is designed to mimic how plants naturally absorb water from the ground. Through capillary action, water is drawn upwards by the table’s passive sub irrigation system. The layering of the various materials provide the ideal balance of moisture to aeration, eliminating the need for drainage and reducing time spent watering.



Where should I place my table?

The living table provides an exciting vibrant focal point for a living room or lobby. Find a place where it can be visible and inviting and enjoyed the most. The limiting factor will be ensuring there is enough light for your selected plant species.  For best results, within an indoor environment, find a setting for the table that gets bright, indirect natural light. 

Can the living table be used outside?

Yes, however the wood is not designed for long term water exposure. Please make sure to cover and protect the table from rain and other elements when necessary. 

How much maintenance is there?

The maintenance required is much less than typical planters, due to the uniquely designed self-watering irrigation system which allows for the plants to self-regulate their water uptake. Despite this, each plant’s specific needs should considered.

How often should I fertilize?

Some plants require more fertilizer than others. Depending on what you are growing, you will want to fertilize anywhere from once per month to once to every 4 months. Make sure to use a fertilizer that is suitable for the plants you a growing. A water soluble fertilizer or a slow release fertilizer can be used. We reccomend using 1/2 of the recommended rate on the fertilizer label.

Is the glass tempered glass?

Yes. The 3/8th thick tempered glass on the side tables has a permissible load of 180 lbs. per square feet. It may be enough to support you, but please do not ever sit or stand on the table!

What size of plants can be used?

The living table was designed to house standard 4” plant containers or smaller. You can either place the plants and container directly onto the Habitat Horticulture Growtex capillary mat (keeping them in their original container) or take them out of their containers and plant as you would any other planter. Any standard potting soil will be sufficient for planting.

What is the warranty?

Each table has a 2 year warranty on all materials provided that the product was used in accordance with the written instructions included with the product. There is a 30 day warranty on plants that are provided by Habitat Horticulture. 

Which types of plants do best in the living table?

The living table was designed for low growing, ground cover type plants that will not grow up to touch the glass. Large plants can be used, but once they grow to touch the glass, they should be pruned back. Many different species can be used, but here is a list of some of our favorites that we’ve found work great indoors:

Shade - Part Shade

Philodendron cordatum

Philodendron scandens

Scindapsus pictus  

Pilea depressa

Fittonia argyroneura

Part Shade - Part Sun

Selaginella kraussiana

Selaginella kraussiana 'aurea'

Hedera spp.

Part Sun

Echeveria spp.

Sempervivum spp. 

Sedum repustre 'angelina' 

Sedum confusum

Sedum angelina